Food and Drink

We provide a healthy snack at each session - children can choose some fruit or vegetables plus bread/toast/crackers with butter and jam or marmite, with a drink of milk or water. We do ask for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of these snacks. To give children a sense of responsibility, each snack time a child on each table is \'snack monitor\', and has the job of wiping the table when snack time is over. Other children help to collect the snacks and tidy up. If your child attends an afternoon session, we ask you to provide a packed lunch for them. Children and staff sit down together to share their lunches. Do tell us if your child has any special dietary needs and we will make sure that these are met. Jigsaw is a nut-free setting and we ask parents not to include nut products in packed lunches. We regularly organise cooking activities within the playroom, where each child can have a go at cooking something to take home. Recently children have made pizzas, jam tarts and bread rolls. You might find some useful information about pre-school nutrition on the Nutritionist Resource website

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