Finding out how my child is getting on.

Many parents want to know what their child has been getting up to at Jigsaw and whether their child is happy, has any friends and is learning and developing. Parents can have a quick word with staff when they collect their child if they have any immediate or specific concerns. Your child's key person will meet with you every term to have a progress meeting and discuss your child's progression through the learning goals in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Appointments can be made with a child's key person at other times to discuss any other issues. 


However, perhaps the best way to find out what your child has been up to is to login to your child's Tapestry learning journal. Tapestry is an online platform that Jigsaw Preschool uses to record all the observations and pictures of your child's learning. As a parent you are provided with a secure login so you can see your child's page and add new pictures and observations yourself. Find out more about Tapestry here. Or login to your child's learning journal here.


Jigsaw Preschool also uses its Facebook page to share information about what has been happening in the setting. There will often be pictures of the items children have created or the activities they are doing. This may help you when asking your child about what they did at Jigsaw and all you get in reply is 'I played' or simply a shrug and 'I don't know'.


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