Special Educational Needs

At Jigsaw we ensure that every child is treated as an individual, no matter what additional support they may need. If a member of staff believes a child may have special educational needs they will discuss this with you, and with Play Assistant Sue, who is our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SEN-Co). We can then work together to agree whether your child would benefit from some extra support, or resources, or some form of professional assistance from outside the setting. In some cases this can simply be a matter of a member of staff spending time with a child doing more focused activities to develop an area where a child is below the level expected for their age. Sometimes we may suggest that an assessment called an Early Help Assessment (formerly a Common Assessment Framework or CAF) is completed. This will identify the support your child and family need, how this support will be put in place and when it will be reviewed. Jigsaw works closely with the Early Support team at Cambridgeshire County Council when accommodating children with special educational needs. 

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